Directorate of Innovation and Science Techno Park

What's The Benefits of KI and Where to Register KI?

Benefits of Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) Management to ITS:


  1. Free.
  2. Get incentives from the DIKST program.
  3. Get IKITS Remuneration for the granted KI.
  4. The granted KI will obtain protection in the form of Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) such as in the form of a granted patent.

Register to:


Technology Transfer Office (d.h. Sentra HKI) located at

Directorate of Innovation and Technology Science Area (DIKST)

Address: Research Center Building or Research Center (RC) Building 6th Floor

Contact Us

E-Mail: man.sktt@its.ac.id

Telephone: 031-592-3458


Patents & Simple Patents are technology inventions ready for an industry that is ready to be registered. Example of Patent Title:

  1. Axial Unidirectional Current Motor Without Brush
  2. Close Transparent Hatch of Live Fish Carrier

Copy Right

Copyright for the protection and development of the creative economy, including software and writing such as books, learning modules. Example of Copyright:

OE Worksheet: Estimated Worksheet Price for Self Estimated Software Projects

Industrial Design

Industrial design is a form of creation that can be used to produce products. Examples of Industrial Designs:

Offshore Floating Keramba Building for Fish Farming and Marine Tourism


Eye-catchy, ear-catchy brands and logos, institutional associations, branding. Examples of Brands and Logos: