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August 19, 2023 19:08

Kapal Tanpa Awak (ROV W-101)

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Head of Research Team : Ir. Wasis Dwi Aryawan, MSc., PhD.


Developer Partners :

  1. Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional
  2. PT. Aquamarine Divindo Inspection


User Partners

  1. PT. Aquamarine Divindo Inspection



Wahana Selam Tanpa Awak, or ROV W-101, is an autonomous vessel that enables independent underwater surveillance. It accelerates the process of monitoring underwater cables, offshore pipelines, and exploration in Indonesian waters.


Innovative Feature


  1. Strong Construction Standards
    The ROV W-101 is constructed from strong, premium materials. These parts, made of stainless steel, HDPE, polyurethane, and carbon fiber, provide defense against corrosion and water pressure.
  2. Greater Flexibility
    The key components of the ROV W-101 include auxiliary sensors for sensing water pressure and temperature. Additionally, it has a 360-degree sonar with imaging capabilities that may be used to clearly see objects surrounding the ROV. The robotic arm, which has a 124 Newton grasping power, is another noteworthy component. The ROV W-101 has more configuration options, enabling customers to add new functions as requested to the bottom frame.
  3. Maneuverability
    Compact in size, ROV W-101 can operate in limited spaces because to its dimensions of 75 cm in length, 42 cm in breadth, and 35 cm in height. The ROV W-101’s 6 thrusters—4 horizontal and 2 vertical—allow for precise maneuvering and rotating motions. The advanced control system enables operators to precisely and easily manage the ROV, including automatic actions like rotation and altitude stabilization.
  4. System of independent power
    Instead of relying entirely on batteries, the ROV W-101 has an independent power system that can be connected to a 220 V generator or the nearest 220 V power source.
  5. High-Defintion Video Production
    The ROV W-101 has a top-notch camera that records videos and takes pictures in 1080 resolution. Users are able to clearly and precisely monitor and record underwater environments because to this capacity. The ROV W-101 also features 4 LED lights with a 6000 lumen brightness level.
  6. Reasonable Cost
    The ROV W-101’s comparative affordability versus more expensive rivals is a major benefit. Researchers, amateurs, and small boat owners who want to use ROVs for their purposes might profit from this accessibility element.

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