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January 15, 2021 03:01

Superflow SF-250A Powersport Dynamometer Commisioning

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As an effort to developing automotive industry in Indonesia, STP Otomotif ITS adding a new testing device for vehicle performance testing, that is a dynamometer. This device function is for measuring power and torque output from a vehicle on static condition accurately. Unmitigatedly, a leading edge brand from Wisconsin, USA which is SuperFlow, SuperFlow, is brought in for completing STP Otomotif ITS test fleet. Since 1972, SuperFlow is trusted and used by performance engine builder, top automotive manufacturer, USA army, and professional racing team.

SuperFlow SF-250A Powersport type is added into test fleet of STP Otomotif ITS for completing dynamometer facility that PUI STP Otomotif had has, which is Dynostar chassis dyno for 2 wheel vehicle and Dynapack hub dyno for 4 wheel vehicle. SuperFlow SF-250A is used for testing 2 wheel vehicle performance by utilizing eddy current. This type can measure max output power up to 750 HP by inertia, 500 hp by eddy current and max speed up to 322 kmph.

Equiped by temp-humidity sensor, ignition pickup, optical tachometer sensor, and also exhaust gas analyzer, makes this device produce highly accurate and precicion data. This device can verify multiple testing condition, start from acceleration test, steady state test, step test, road load test and also manual test which the parameters can be adjusted individually.

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