Class Room

Information System Class Room

The lecture hall in the Information System building consists of 9 classrooms with a total area of ​​489.26 m2. All lecture rooms are equipped with supporting facilities for the modern learning process in the form of air conditioning, white board, permanently installed LCD projector in each class, and Hot-Spot (Wi-Fi). Classrooms TC-102, TC-103, and TC-104 can be used as a room for guest lectures with large capacity and also equipped with sound systems. No PC is provided per class, because each lecturer at DSI has been given laptop facilities for learning and other academic activities. Classrooms are used from 07.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB for 5 working days with 4 lecture schedules.

The TC-102 classroom is devoted to Masters (S2) lectures. This class is equipped with air conditioning, white board, LCD projector, and wifi is also equipped with a desk per student and power supply per table. So far, the availability of classrooms at JSI is sufficient for the learning process.