ISICO 2019

Information Systems International Conference (ISICO) 2019

ITS held another Information Systems International Conference (ISICO) on July 23-25 ​​at Bumi Surabaya City Resort. The conference that started since 2011 was indeed only held every 2 years.

The theme to be carried out at the fifth conference this time is “Role of Information Systems in Industry 4.0” with a focus on the study of management of information systems tracks, data analytics tracks, big data tracks, enterprise systems tracks, and IT infrastructure and security tracks.

The prospective moderators who will present their papers and discussions at this year’s conference, namely Prof. Michael Rosemann, PhD., FACS., FQA., MAICD., Prof. Hyerim Bae, PhD., And Prof. Robert M. Davidson.

Prof. Michael Rosemann, PhD., FACS., FQA., Himself is a professor and chairman of the Information Systems study program, Faculty of Science and Technology, Brisbane University, Australia. While Prof. Hyerim Bae, PhD., Is a professor from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Pusan ​​National University (PNU), Korea. Meanwhile, Prof. Robert M. Davidson is a professor in the Information Systems study program, from City University of Hong Kong.

This activity is routinely carried out to advance the discipline of the information systems department. Then all papers will be published in full in Procedia Computer Science (PCS), Elsevier which can be accessed openly through (RG, GengSi 2019)


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