ISE! 2019

Information Systems Expo! 2019

ISE! stands for Information Systems Expo which is an annual event organized by the Information Systems Department of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya in order to introduce the ITS Information Systems Department to the wider community


BIONIX is part of a series of ISE events! with the concept of national level competition aimed at high school / vocational students by combining business and information technology. The competition is divided into 4 stages, namely, elimination 1, elimination 2, semifinals and finals. The allowance is made simultaneously online throughout Indonesia


ICON is an IT exhibition held as a form of contribution in increasing public awareness of the potential of information technology. ICON presents community exhibitions and works related to technology. In addition there are also seminars that invite well-known public figures


PARADIGM is the latest sub-event initiated by ISE! 2019. PARADIGM is a concert program that is presented with works of art in the form of digital technology.


Pelajari lebih lanjut semua tentang Event tahunan kami melalui website di bawah ini. Jawab rasa penasaran Anda mengenai info terbaru terkait ISE!

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