Student Graduates Must Be Unique: 119

Get the highest knowledge possible, explore the knowledge as deep as possible. Because, we will get a miracle from it all, not only from the results obtained but the process of getting it is the most valuable. As students we are the hope of the nation, the successor of the nation, to carry out the nation’s direction in the future. Until arriving students are truly ready to enter the community with the knowledge gained and an award that is finally graduated.


Before that it turned out that the Internal Affairs Department of HMSI held a graduation event which was a series of events from graduation 119. Yudisium 119 was the presentation of graduation, which later will be explained throughout the series of events or technical events at graduation later. The event which was held on Monday, March 4, 2019 at SI 2208-2209 was attended by 40 prospective graduates of the S1 and S2 Information Systems. This graduation is very important so that graduates know the technical aspects of the graduation program starting from pick-up, arrangement of events, consumption, and whatever equipment the graduates need and get during graduation.


Don’t just stop there. However, yesterday’s event was lively. Beginning with remarks by the chief executive and then followed by remarks by Mr. Soni as the S1 study program. In addition to giving remarks, Pak Soni also gave a message to the graduates about how to struggle in life after graduation. Although not all graduates attended the graduation ceremony, the program was still cheerful because the graduates were very enthusiastic to participate in a series of graduation events. Coupled with the games that make the atmosphere more exciting Yudisium.

Different from the previous year, the theme presented this year was Circus ‘The Greates Showman’ this theme was deliberately chosen because it was unique and Inspired by the film “The Greatest Showman” itself and hoped that the 119th graduate would become a unique person. As well as having different abilities among other fresh graduates so that they can succeed in life after lectures. (FS, GengSi 2019)