Locker cabinets are provided to store bags, jackets, and various belongings that are not allowed to be taken to the collection room. Locker keys can be borrowed by handing over an identity card.

Rules regarding borrowing locker keys:

  1. Lockers are only used by visitors to the ITS library
  2. Visitors’ belongings (bags and jackets) are required to be placed in locker
  3. The user of the locker must report if the locker used is damaged (for example the door is broken, the key is not working, streaks, etc.)
  4. Visitors are not permitted to store sharp-smelling goods /food in the locker
  5. Visitors are not allowed to leave items in the locker if they have left the library room
  6. Must lock the locker when leaving the library.
  7. For those carrying a locker lock exceeding the opening hours of the library, a fine of Rp.1,000 / day is imposed
  8. If the locker key is lost or damaged, the user will be fined Rp.15,000
  9. Retrieving late locker keys can be done at the Secretariat, 2nd floor, ITS Library.
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