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NATIONAL WEBINAR 2022 “Encouraging Critical Thinking Skills: Librarian Role in the Era of Society 5.0”

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NATIONAL WEBINAR 2022 “Encouraging Critical Thinking Skills: Librarian Role in the Era of Society 5.0”

By Yeni Gonti

The highlight of the webinar activity at the ITS library is 2022 ITS Library National Webinar, this time with the theme “Encouraging Critical Thinking Skills: Librarian Role in the Era of Society 5.0”. The aims and objectives of this webinar are to provide participants with an overview of what critical thinking skills are, why these skills are needed, and how librarians develop critical thinking skills.

Held on Thursday (11/24/22) This webinar was attended by approximately 300 participants from various circles, especially librarians, students, and the Library Observer Society. Presenting 3 (three) resource persons who are competent in sharing knowledge related to critical skills thinking, have also researched the topic and implemented it in their role as research assistants because not all researchers who come to the library have the skills to analyze problems. Librarians who are known as literacy activists through user education programs must be able to play their role in helping to grow critical thinking skills for researchers in their environment.

Speaker 1: Delivered by Dhama Gustiar Bhaskoro, S.S., M.Pd. (UPH)

Speaker 2: Delivered by Dr. Yanti Idaya Aspura Binti Mohd Khalid (University of Malaya).

Speaker 3: Delivered by Dra. Naibaho Calarence, M. Hum. (UI)

In the morning at 09.00 WIB, the series of webinar events has started. Starting with the opening by MC Eva Mursidah (ITS Librarian) followed by listening to the song Indonesia Raya and the ITS Hymn, then continued with remarks from the Head of the Library, Edy Suprayitno, SS, M.Hum. as well as officially open the webinar. The event was hosted by Moderator Liz Setyowati, S.Sos, M.A (Undip Semarang Librarian). (yag)

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