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A total of 23 participants of the Community & Technological (CommTECH) Camp Highlight 2022 consisting of lecturers and students from various countries including Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Bhutan, came to visit ITS library on Monday (25/07/22). They were accompanied by volunteers from the Directorate of Global Partnerships (DKG).

CommTECH) Camp Highlight 2022 is an annual program (which was delayed due to the covid 19 pandemic) belonging to the ITS DKG which was formerly known as the International Office (IO) and has been running since 2012, which is a program that provides opportunities for students, academics, and professionals from all over the world to learn about global issues of Indonesian society through various insightful but fun activities. This time, DKG is holding an international-scale short-term lecture program which will take place from July 25 – August 6, 2022.

The library tour event lasts for approximately one hour, from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. The participants are divided into two groups, each group is accompanied by library staff as the tour guide. Group 1 was accompanied by Astutik Nur Qomariah, Davi Wahyuni, and Eva Mursidah, while group 2 was accompanied by Yeni Gonti and Iwan Juniarto. The head of the library, Edy Suprayitno also gave a welcome to the participants and introduced something new in the library, namely CCWS (Creative Co-Working Space) which is a fun and exciting spot, contemporary design, cool, and there is a coffee shop on the 1st floor. IT library.

Tour participants enjoyed the moment of visiting the ITS library, the enthusiasm of the participants was seen in their cheerful faces and a deep curiosity about library services. They asked a lot of questions, even when they were directed to the 4th-floor mini theater room, they wanted a movie viewing session as relaxation, but due to limited time and a very tight schedule of events, their desires were only wishes, but they very impressed.

One hour later the tour ends with a group photo session, and then the participants will proceed to the next activity that has been programmed with CommTECH) Camp Highlight 2022. (yag)



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