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As the development of Human Resources in 2022, the ITS Library again carries out activities for staff to establish togetherness, collaboration, increase cooperation and be able to coordinate between individuals and divisions to be more synergistic so that a solid team building is formed. Workshop and Outbound are activities chosen this year as library management work programs that must be followed by all library staff, both civil servants and non-civil servants, librarians, and non-librarians.

The workshop with the theme “Personal collaboration that inspires, mobilizes and inspires, mobilizes and imitates Forming Intelligence Team Building for ITS Library Education Personnel to achieve organizational goals” this time invited and presented motivators from the AHA Perdana Tranformindo institution. This Intelligence Team Building Workshop was held for 2 days on Saturday and Sunday (23-24 July 2022) located at Novotel Samator East Surabaya Hotel.

On Saturday at 8 am, the participants started to gather at the location, then at 8.30 the workshop event started, starting with the opening by MC Totok Setiawan, A.Md, a skilled librarian, then a speech from the head of the library, Edy Suprayitno, S.S.,M.Hum., Pak Edy said that hopefully, this activity can form a really solid Team Building in realizing sustainable organizational goals.

On the first day, the activity was carried out indoors, featuring 2 qualified motivators in their fields, namely Imam Wijoyo, S.E., M.M and Ahmad Husaini, S.E. On the second day Outdoor, with morning exercise together followed by Outbound. All activities can generate collaboration and cooperation among all staff by the current theme. Workshops and Outbound are carried out seriously but relaxed, full of interesting games and train each individual to help each other, coordinate with each other, and synergize with each other so that teamwork is formed that is ready to become team building to realize the organization’s common goals for the progress and development of the institution. ITS Library…OK!!, Serving with Love… delicious.!! (yag)

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