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WEBINAR SERIES 3 2022 “Meet the Experts: Research Topic and Prepare for Publication”

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This time, the ITS library is proud to present a continuation of the series from the 2022 Webinar series, namely the webinar series 3 “Meet the Experts: Research Topic and Prepare for Publication”. The purpose and objective of holding this webinar are to increase the knowledge base of the ITS academic community and the general public regarding determining research topics, publication topics, and preparing articles for publication in reputable journals according to the rules of writing.

Held on Friday (24/6/22) This webinar was attended by approximately 200 participants from various circles, especially the ITS Academic Community, Researchers, Librarians, and the Library Observer Society. Presenting 2 (two) resource persons who are competent in sharing knowledge related to their skills and experience in determining topics and preparing articles for publication in reputable journals according to the rules of writing. The resource persons will also share their experiences when they made their debut as scholars and put their findings and scientific ideas into a written work. They are 1. Prof. Riyanarto Sarno (Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Informatics Engineering, FTEIC, ITS); 2. Dr. Susan Crosbie (Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF), ITS).

Exactly at 14.00 WIB, the series of webinar events have started. Starting with the opening by MC Eva Mursidah (ITS Librarian) followed by listening to the song Indonesia Raya and the ITS Hymn, then followed by remarks from the Head of the Library, Edy Suprayitno, SS, M. Hum., then the remarks of the Vice-Chancellor I for Academic and Student Affairs (Prof. Dr. Ir. Adi Soeprijanto, M.T.) and at the same time officially opened the webinar, “To be able to make a good publication and be able to penetrate reputable journals requires certain tricks and methods, therefore brought by speakers who are no longer in doubt. ability, students will get many benefits,” said the professor who had studied at Hiroshima University Japan. The group photo session was held after Professor Adi delivered his welcoming remarks.

In the first session of the webinar with Professor Riyan as a resource person, the event was hosted by Moderator Eva Mursidah (ITS Librarian), and in the second session with Mrs. Susan Crosbie as the speaker guided by Moderator Meilisa Ariyanto (Tutor Academic Writing Center/AWC-ITS). Many questions were asked by the webinar participants during the discussion session which lasted until the end of the event at 16.45. From the two speakers, a conclusion can be drawn that research is a part of our daily life, as said by Professor Riyan “Research is not only for lecturers or students but all of us in life need research, for example selling fried rice, chicken noodles or whatever it is, a research or survey is needed about taste, price, competitors/competitors and so on”. In a Research or Research, what needs to be considered is determining the research topic and interesting publication topics first and then preparing for publication in reputable journals and reputable international journals. (yag)

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