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Accredited A ITS Library Strives To Be The Best

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Amazing and Proud! The ITS Surabaya Library has made another achievement by obtaining an A accreditation in the Re-Accreditation organized by the National Library of Indonesia. Previously, the ITS library had obtained Accreditation A in 2015 which was also carried out by the National Library of Indonesia.

This Accreditation assessment period is carried out from 3 to 5 November 2021 using data that has been prepared in its entirety for the past few months. The assessment process is carried out by direct review by 2 Assessors of the National Library of Indonesia.

Based on the evaluation of the national library accreditation agency, it determined that this ITS library showed conformity to the national library standard with an A accreditation predicate value.

The assessment is based on several components. Starting from the collection component, the Facility and Infrastructure component, the Library Service component, the Library Staff Component, the Library Organizing, and Management Component, and finally the Strengthening component. While the aspects assessed include aspects of management, human resources, content or books, library facilities, and infrastructure. This includes networking with other university libraries, regional and national libraries.

How students use the library is also one aspect that is assessed, including various existing literacy activities, both involving students, lecturers, researchers, and the community around the library. How to promote the library and all that has been done by the Library is an integral part of this accreditation assessment.

Therefore, it is hoped that the library can maintain and improve the achievements that have been achieved to be re-assessed in the next five years and the ITS library always tries to be the best…Library!!! CINTA ITS. (yag)

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