April 12, 2021 15:04

ITS Library Virtual Work Visit to the Unej Library

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In the framework of the ITS Library’s plan to re-accredit the National Library, the Head of the ITS Library, Mr. Edy Suprayitno and his staff made a working visit to the Unej Library on Wednesday (7/4/21) at one in the afternoon. This work visit was carried out virtually considering that it was still during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though the work visit this time was carried out online, it did not diminish the essence of the work visit in obtaining the necessary information regarding the re-accreditation of the National Library. On this Working Visit, the Head of the Unej Library, Mrs. Ida Widiastuti along with the staff welcomed the ITS Library entourage well and were enthusiastic about sharing knowledge.

The ITS Library chose the Unej Library as a reference place for Work Visits because in 2020 the Unej Library had just re-accredited the National Library and received Accreditation A with an almost perfect score of 96.4. Therefore, the ITS Library has to learn a lot from the Unej Library on tips and tricks to get good grades.

For about two hours, many questions were asked by Pak Edy and staff and answered enthusiastically by Mrs. Ida and her staff. Many tips provided by the Unej Library include preparing the components needed and prepared for this accreditation, including the collection component, infrastructure, library services, library staff, management and processing, and finally the reinforcing component. According to Mrs. Ida that we as libraries who will be assessed must be able to show what our strengths are, it is like being arrogant but this is what we have to convey what are the advantages so that the assessors will be amazed by what we have, and must be submitted by the Head of the Library as the highest management in a library

There must also be an amplifier component, what is an amplifier component? The main advantage of the main advantage that is in a library, which has a different and unique selling value, especially if the superior product is related to Technology, Information and Communication, of course, it will be an added value for the library. Ibu Ida also stated that it is not difficult for the ITS Library to do all of this, because of course because ITS is a technology campus…. (Library … loves ITS).

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