November 16, 2020 16:11

E-Resources Class For New Students

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Electronic resources (electronic resources/e-resources) are an important collection source to meet the information needs in the learning environment of ITS academics. For this reason, the ITS Library intends to hold an e-resources training class for ITS New Students named E-Resources Class. The E-Resources Class is intended so that ITS New Students are expected to know more about and take advantage of the e-resources that ITS has.

The E-resources Class training includes the following:
1) Introduction to ITS e-resources
2) Introduction to ITS digital repository
3) How to access and utilize e-journals, e-books, and online databases subscribed by ITS both on-campus (ITS proxy) and off campus (remote access).
4) How to access and utilize the ITS digital repository

The training schedule is in November on the 23rd and 25th, while in December on the 2nd, 9th, and 15th

Because on December 15, 2020, there is AUN QA Accreditation, the E-Resources Class for New Students is postponed to December 16, 2020

This E-Resources Class is held at 09.30-11.30 WIB by registering beforehand. Click Here, For those who have time and place constraints, we also hold an E-Resources Class based on request (by request) by confirming beforehand by contacting the Whatsapp live chat: +6285937062001

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