July 01, 2020 14:07

Librarian Webinar-Gathering: Librarian Sharing Session in Information Culture in the New Normal Period

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The second Librarian Gathering in 2020 was conducted differently, through online meetings or better known as webinars using the Zoom application. This was done because it was still in the pandemic atmosphere of Covid-19.

The event which was held on Friday (6/26/2020) presented speakers from among the librarians themselves, namely two speakers, the first being Edy Suprayitno and Agus Setiawan. They are senior librarians who are Associate Librarians in the ITS Library. His presentation was about Library Preparation and librarians in facing the New Normal era related to the implementation of WFO (Work From Office) which will take effect this July.

Starting at 8 a.m., the event was opened by the Host then continued with remarks from Edy Suprayitno as the head of the ITS library, followed by a presentation of material by the two speakers. The core of the speakers is about the protocols that must be carried out by libraries and reading rooms when WFO is to be done later, thus creating a sense of security both for the librarians and for the librarians themselves.

The event was attended by approximately 34 participants consisting of librarians and librarians in the ITS environment both in the central library and in the department library or faculty, commonly called the Reading Room. During the event, the participants asked a lot of questions related to library services in the pandemic and new normal eras which naturally related to health protocols as recommended by the government. This sharing session ended at 10 o’clock in the hope that librarians and libraries at ITS in the future could be better in providing services to users. (yag)


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