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67 CommTECH Camp 2019 participants from 17 countries visit the ITS Library.

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Its important for a college lately to moving towards internationalization. Because through the  internationalization, the quality and reputation of universities can also be motivated to become better. The International Office of ITS (IO), is one of the units in ITS which is the vanguard of ITS’s steps to become a quality World Class University. Not surprisingly, to achieve this internationalization vision and mission, IO often holds supporting programs, one of which is the 2019 CommTECH Camp Program which is held twice a year. For this year, CommTECH Camp 2019 participants are 67 from 17 countries namely Armenia, Brunei Darussalam, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Hungary, Poland, Russia, United States, Philippines , and the Dominican Commonwealth. Among the agenda sets of CommTECH participants, which have never been missed is a visit to the ITS Library.
At 1:00 p.m., CommTECH participants arrived at the ITS Library lobby. After the participants gathered, to shorten the time,  the Head of the ITS Library, Mr. Edy Suprayitno S.Hum. greeted and gave a speech. “We’re very proud and happy with your visit. thank you and hope you enjoy your time here not only to seek knowledge but also to seek experience.” Said Mr Edy when ending his remarks.
After a speech from Mr. Edy, the participants then conducted a Library Tour. During the tour the participants were divided into two groups, namely Group A and Group B. They were invited to tour the Library and be introduced to all facilities and programs in the ITS Library. In addition to conducting Q & A during the tour, participants were also given the opportunity to share the conditions, services, and facilities in their Campus Library. As expressed by Yarina, one of the participants from Tianjin University – China.
“I really like the library here, the book is many and complete, the room is comfortable and I will definitely feel at home studying there. And one more thing, I love the mini theater, “Yarina said. (nrl/dav).

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