March 22, 2019 10:03

Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) Librarians was impressed with the ITS Library Literacy Program

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The Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), previously called the Survey and National Mapping Coordinating Board (Bakosurtanal), today (21/03) visited the ITS Library in order to distribute BIG library materials and at the same time conduct comparative studies to support BIG library development.

After submitting library materials to the procurement staff, Ms. Dessy Rastanida as librarian and Ms. Ussa as the BIG staff started the Library Tour at the ITS Library. The Library tour starts from the 1st floor, which is in the Lesehan area, which is quite crowded that day, and almost all the tables are filled with visitors. This provoked curiosity from Mrs. Dessy, why the lesehan area was very popular. From the lesehan area, the tour continued to the 3rd floor, on this floor they explored in detail the various services and facilities there such as Sampoerna Corner, Magazine, Café Hot Spot, SNI Corner, and Reference. Fortunately, there was a literacy activity, an E-Resources Class in the Internet Room, this activity attracted their attention so they took the time to see the E-Resources Class directly.

After being satisfied and sufficient on the 3rd floor, the Library tour was continued on 4th floor and 5th floor to see all the facilities owned by the ITS Library. During the tour, they not only sightsee but also actively ask questions, hoping that they will find facilities or programs that they can adopt in their institution.

“I was very impressed with the programs provided by the ITS Library for library users, such as the e-resources class and reference manager class earlier. It is very inspiring for us. “Said Mrs. Dessy after the library tour ended. (nrl, dav)

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