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Library Work Meeting of 2018, produce important provisions, namely optimizing communication, coordination and evaluation

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A work meeting is an opportunity for leaders to remind their subordinates about the agency’s vision. Why? In daily work, the corporate vision can run away and become a mere slogan. The most important advantage of holding a work meeting is gathering all people to think together, discuss, come up with ideas, even argue and finally get answers for all. The spirit of togetherness, mutual respect, and understanding are vital to the success of an institution in the coming years.

Understanding the importance of a Raker, the ITS Library routinely always holds annual meetings which are usually held at the end of the year. For 2018, the working meeting was held today (12/14) in the 2nd- floor Bibliotek room, ITS Library.

Mr. Edy Suprayitno, S.S., M. Hum as the head of the ITS Library started the working meeting which began at 7:30 a.m., with a delay of 30 minutes from the scheduled time. Mr. Edy expressed his gratitude to all the staff who attended the meeting for their cooperation and hard work during this year. And he hopes, hopefully, in the future, the spirit of cooperation and hard work can be maintained and strived to be improved.

Furthermore, Mr. Nur Hasan S.Si.M.Kom as Head of Administration Subdivision, also reports and evaluates its performance. This time Mr. Hasan focused more on the discipline of ITS Library staff, hoping that a good image of the library known as “discipline” could be maintained. As well as in the future Mr. Hasan also expects that every staff can be introspective and can optimize communication, coordination, and evaluation so that all staff and leaders can equalize the steps to achieve a goal, namely goodness for the agency (ITS).

After the explanation from Mr. Hasan, all staff, especially coordinators and sub-coordinators, were given the opportunity to convey input and the things needed to be solved together. With the opportunity to express his opinion, he hopes to become the best solution to straighten things that have been considered to be less straightforward. And it can be used as a simple evaluation media so that the ITS Library can move to 2019 more optimistically. (nrl).

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