January 10, 2019 02:01

ITS Library lost 2 of the best staff

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“The key to retirement is to find joy in the little things.” — Susan Miller

The key to retirement is finding excitement in small things. As soon as Susan Miller defines retirement. The period experienced by two ITS Library staff, they are Mr. Muslimin and Mr. Misbach. This morning (14/12), after the Meeting was held, it was then continued with a friendship event as well as the release of Mr. Muslimin and Mr. Misbach.
On this occasion, Mr. Edy Suprayitno, S.S., M. Hum as the head of the ITS Library revealed his impressions and messages to two staff who he said had very high morale.
“This year is a sad year for us (the ITS library) because we have to lose our best staff, I know Mr. Misbach as someone who is very good at DDC while Mr. Muslimin is a person who upholds religious values, so I feel libraries really need people like them “. said, Edy. In addition to Mr. Edy, some staff also expressed their impressions and messages in turn, not even a few staff were nostalgic by raising stories of the past that had been passed along with Mr. Min and Mr. Misbach.
At the end of the event, both Mr. Min and Mr. Misback also expressed their impression while working at the ITS Library.
“I am very grateful to work at this ITS Library, hopefully in the future, the ITS Library will become more prosperous, advanced and full of new innovations,” said Mr. Misbach. Whereas Mr. Muslimin emphasizes religious matters which motivate his colleagues to become good people in God’s eyes. (NRL).

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