Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management deals with the flows of goods, information, and money across organizations that work together to deliver goods or services to the end customers. This field is critically important for any business and the ability to deliver goods or services in a competitive way is the responsibility of people working in the area of supply chain management. This field of study will provide students with knowledge, tools, and techniques to manage the follow of those three elements in the supply chain. The structure of the curriculum follows.


Learning Outcomes

  • Able to formulate supply chain strategy that reflects product and market characteristics
  • Able to develop integrated supply chain plan that consider the trade-offs among objectives of different stakeholders
  • Possess skills to manage supply chain functions in the context of both conventional and digital environments
  • Able to identify problems in supply chain and recommend improvement actions



Subjects for Semester 1 Credits Subjects for Semester 3 Credits
Business Statistics 2 Human Resources Management 2
Information Systems and Technology 2 Project Management 2
Decision Analysis and Systems 2 Elective 3 3
Financial Management 2 Thesis methodology 2
Subjects for Semester 2 Credits Subjects for Semester 4 Credits
Innovation and Technology Management 2 Elective 4 2
Marketing Management 2 Elective 5 2
Elective 1 3 Thesis 6
Elective 2 2 TOTAL 10
    Electives Credits
    Operations Planning and Control 3
    Tranportation and Warehouse Management 3
    Supply Chain Strategy 2
    Procurement and Supply Management 2
    Digital and Retail Supply Chain Management 2
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