Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Business Analytics refers to the skills, methods, approach and tools used to transforms data into information for better business decision making. It is one of the most important things current organizations need to have in responding to the abundant availability and great variability of data. Online companies will find business analytics particularly important to segment customers, pricing their products and services, and tailor offerings to the need of customers in order to maximize shareholder value. The objective of this field of study is therefore to train students with the skills to analyze data into meaningful information. The structure of curriculum follows.


Learning Outcomes

  • Able to identify complex problems that require business analytics approach
  • Able to use appropriate analytics methods that suit the problems being addressed
  • Able to transform data into information useful for making decision
  • Able to communicate the results of analysis to the targeted audience



Subjects for Semester 1 Credits Subjects for Semester 3 Credits
Business Statistics 2 Human Resources Management 2
Information Systems and Technology 2 Project Management 2
Decision Analysis and Systems 2 Elective 3 3
Financial Management 2 Thesis methodology 2
Subjects for Semester 2 Credits Subjects for Semester 4 Credits
Innovation and Technology Management 2 Elective 4 2
Marketing Management 2 Elective 5 2
Elective 1 3 Thesis 6
Elective 2 2 TOTAL 10
    Electives Credits
    Big Data Analytics 3
    Predictve Analytics and Machine Learning 3
    Advanced Spreadsheet 2
    Simulation Modelling 2
    Analytics Project 2
    TOTAL 12
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