Computer Room

Department of Technology Management has a research laboratory in accordance with the SK Rektor (Chancellor’s Decree) No. 2454 / IT2 / HK.00.01 / 2018, namely the Business Computation Laboratory. To support laboratory research activities, the department provides computer rooms. In addition, this computer rooms are used to support the academic activities of lecturers and students in carrying out class, research, practicum, and community service.

There are 4 (four) computer rooms with 70 workstations with LCD Monitor and CPU which is that are all equipped with the latest generation of Intel Processors. The computer room is also equipped with LAN and Internet Networks, Routers, to the Server, i.e. Mail Server, File Server, and Web Server.

Computers devices are also supported by a complete collection of software for research, development, and simulation. Available software based on MS Windows or Open-Source platforms (Linux & Unix), such as Matlab, Oracle, SQL Server, PowerDesigner, MindManager, Pro-Model, Arc/Info, and VS.NET.

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