Research Fields

Research Focus

The Department of Technology Management has various research fields related to the areas of expertise: Industrial Management, Project Management, Information Technology Management, Maritime Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Analysis. Some specific research fields include:

Quality Management
This field addresses various issues of quality of goods and services. The study includes several groups:

  1. Management systems such as ISO 9000, MBNQA, and Deming Prize.
  2. Service quality assessment models such as the use of service quality models (SERVQUAL).
  3. Quality control techniques such as the use of control chart models, Taguchi, response surfaces, etc.

Operational Management
Various researches have been carried out in this field, including planning the layout of facilities to achieve better efficiency, increasing productivity in the production system, reducing production time, increasing safety, etc.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Research in this field covers topics such as structure or supply chain network design, storage facility layout design (warehouse), cross-docking model design, inventory planning, improvement of the efficiency of the goods distribution process, supply chain risk analysis, and relationship design more effective between companies and business partners (suppliers, customers, etc.).

Project Management
Research in this field covers various topics such as project feasibility analysis, project planning and scheduling, value analysis and engineering, project risk analysis, project organization design, stakeholder management in a project, project control, and various other topics related to construction projects, projects product development, information technology implementation projects, event management, and innovation/improvement projects.

Business Analysis
Research in this field includes data processing to help business decisions, both relatively structured data, and unstructured data. The use of data to see past patterns and to predict future needs, such as demand forecasting, is included in this classification. This research field is also expected to be able to assist decisions with the use of large data analysis (Big Data Analytics).

Maritime Business Management
Research on maritime business management includes improving management in maritime business entities ranging from ports, ships, loading and unloading processes, cargo management on ships, management of empty container flows, to investment analysis in relation to maritime business.

Information Technology Management
Research in the field of Information Technology Management includes

  1. Planning the use of information technology in institutions that include Requirements Engineering, System Design, and IT Strategic Planning.
  2. Aligning business objectives with institutional IT objectives through IT Governance and management.
  3. Monitoring through Information Systems, and Audit of Information Technology.
  4. Developing Technology-based company through Enterprise Intelligent System, E-Business, Data Mining, and Data Management.
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