Innovation Design Management

Innovation Design Management

The development of digital technology today has given birth to an era of disruption that has brought profound changes in the business competition map, and also influenced consumer behavior. This development requires companies to look for new ways to innovate to stay competitive. Innovation includes not only about products or services but also business process innovation and business models.

Innovation Design Management combines three important aspects of innovation namely creative design, business strategy and information technology. The Innovation Design Management specialization will introduce students to the principles, practices and methods of design-led innovation, and provide the ability to be technical and methods to become business leaders. This program focuses on “design for innovation” as a special ability that can be applied in various business contexts in the current era of disruption.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of the design-based innovation approach and learn how to apply it in a complex business environment. Teaching in this program emphasizes analytical and creative thinking, and equips students with broad skills in communication, information technology, the ability to innovate, and critical thinking.


Learning Outcome:

  • Able to manage and lead innovation projects using a design-thinking approach, developing new products/services in various industrial sectors
  • Able to conduct and lead research to recognize the needs of customers and stakeholders, by applying the latest methods to define products and services.
  • Able to design a strategic framework for implementing product or service innovations using a systems approach
  • Being able to apply the latest methods to develop innovative solutions that are able to answer customer needs, ranging from creative concepts to detailed designs.


Career Prospect:

  • Design Development & Management
  • Design Research & Strategy
  • Corporate Culture & Strategic Brand Management
  • New Business Development
  • Product & Innovation Management



Subjects for Semester 1 Credits Subjects for Semester 3 Credits
Business Statistics 2 Human Resources Management 2
Information Systems and Technology 2 Project Management 2
Decision Analysis and Systems 2 Strategic Brand Management 2
Financial Management 2 Thesis methodology 2
TOTAL 8 User Experience Design 2
Subjects for Semester 2 Credits Subjects for Semester 4 Credits
Innovation and Technology Management 2 Elective 2
Marketing Management 2 Innovation Design Project 2
Design Thinking 2 Theses 6
Design Management 2 TOTAL 10
    Electives Credits
    Strategic Management 2
    Business Ethics 2
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