Student Association


Student of Mathematics Department of ITS Association is a student organization which is created with principles of cooperation and kinship, and moving in the field of resource management and development, mathematics professions, and social affairs.


Logo of HIMATIKA ITS was created around 1994/1995. In that time, HIMATIKA ITS created a HIMATIKA ITS’s logo creating contest. This contest was initiated by Mas Gotri that as well as being the judge. The winner of that contest is JAMS group. JAMS is an abbreviation from Jakarta-Ambon-Makassar-Surabaya, and the members are Michael Rudy, Inuhanalias Micol, Gysber Tarnaela alias Ambon, Ibonk, and Adi Widodo H. In accordance with the HIMATIKA ITS, it contains the meaning:

  1. The combination of the letters S, T, and I which form the symbol that is a representation of the existing fields of science in the department of mathematics
  2. S, T, and I stand for Science, Technology and Information
  3. A silver color that means purity, tranquility, and is dynamic (always changes according to the times)
  4. Dark and young blue color in gears mean technology with an alma mater background


To realize the HIMATIKA ITS ACTIONS on the environment as a form of dedication to the alma mater, society and nation


  1. Developing the spirit of high achieving of HIMATIKA ITS citizens
  2. Carry out the contribution role of HIMATIKA ITS for the benefit of the surrounding environment
  3. Increasing the awareness of HIMATIKA ITS citizens for better HIMATIKA ITS
  4. Establishing relations between HIMATIKA ITS stakeholders

Struktur Organisasi Himatika

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