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For get the optimal results in academics interactions between lecturers and students, between students, and between lecturers. The interactions have been running well in PSSM. Some of the interaction are :

  • The interaction between lecturers and students: The interaction between lecturers and students can be done academically and non-academically. So far, academic interactions have been carried out in the classroom during lectures and in the laboratory during lab work and enrichment of lecture material. Interaction outside of the classroom is done with guidance on Job Training, Final Project. Interaction is also carried out during the campus introduction at the beginning of the lecture namely Professionalism Orientation and Curriculum-Based Competence (OK2BK), guardianship at the beginning of the semester and mid-semester. In addition, the interaction between lecturers and students is quite well intertwined in various research activities, proven by the high number of students involved in lecturer research. Non-academic interaction is done with guidance to the Department Student Association, Student Activity unit, Student Spirituality Unit, Guidance on the process of making a proposal, implementation and presentation of PKM (Student Creativity Program) and PIMNAS, and related competitions that followed by lecturers and students. During this time, the interaction between lecturers and students has run very well with adequate facilities and infrastructure. In addition, sports activities are conducted routinely between departments and involve the lecturers and students in one team.
  • The interaction between students: The interaction between PSMM students has run very well through academic and non-academic activities. The interaction between students begins with OK2BK, activities in the classroom during lectures and laboratory during practicum and responsiveness, deepening activities (discussions) outside the classroom. The interaction between students is supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure. Facilities and infrastructure to support this interaction include beautiful gardens with chairs that are quite comfortable in the PSSM environment, pools, plaza and others. Interaction between students outside academic activities such as togetherness in the Department Student Association, BEM FMIPA, BEM ITS, DPM ITS, Student Activity Unit, and Spiritual Activity Unit, and others. In addition, students are also involved in various sports activities between majors and supported by a very adequate sports field.
  • The interaction between lecturers: Interaction between lecturers is carried out through various activities both academically and non-academically. Academic activities include joint research activities, teaching teams in the same course, and discussions between lecturers in the same field in each laboratory. Intense non-academic activities have been conducted to increase the bond of togetherness of ITS FMIPA PSSM lecturers and to strengthen the interaction between lecturers. These activities include lunch together every day, department meetings that held at least four times in each semester, field meetings at least 2 times in each semester, and a joint gathering every year between lecturers education personnel and their families. With all these activities, very good interactions occur between FMIPA ITS PSSM lecturers. So that social life on campus becomes comfortable, and problems that can disrupt academic activities can be minimized. Thus academic life goes with a high sense of togetherness naturally on campus


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