Let’s Study Abroad

What is Let's Study Abroad?

Let’s Study Abroad (LSA) is a discussion and consultation session by ITS university partners from all around the world for all student levels. By joining this program, you will have the chance to get new insights and perspectives of studying abroad from the representatives of each featured university. You will also get the opportunity to interact with the experts from ITS university partners. Get ready for ITS Students who want to go global with accurate information about the international exposure through this event. All ITS students feel free to be a participant in this wonderful program.


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  1. New insight about ongoing programs from ITS international partners.
  2. Interactive session
  3. Stamp4it
  4. Special reward


Rochelle Trixie Silalahi – 5031201102 (Business Management Department)

Best Question  in LSA January 2021

“As a freshman student, I had a lot of questions about international exposure and wanted to find out how the administrative selection (how to enroll, what course reference we should take, academic transfer, etc.) on various programs. Being one of participants on the LSA Series in January really helps increase my knowledge about study abroad, because eventually ITS has a lot of collaboration and many alumni have already given their testimony through sharing sessions. I am assured we must make a good take on occasion like this by participating in programs that have been provided by ITS GE, so that we can prepare early and recognize many opportunities that are waiting for us in the future”.

Upcoming LSA: LSA September

LSA September Part 2 is coming soon!

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