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Occupying a large area of 180 hectares as it main campus, ITS provides advantages for both excellent scientific activities and pleasant natural life environment. Covering an area in the vicinity of east Surabaya, ITS also has a very friendly atmosphere and enormous community spirit. The institute has long been maintaining its reputation for innovative and proactive relationship with industries and the public services. Various works of scientific and social significance produced by ITS students, graduates, and faculty members have been dedicated to the community and industrial world to help them gaining the most of economic and social benefits.This tradition of mutual trust and cooperation has been carried out to meet the institution’s vision of social dedication and work. Recognized as one of the best technology universities in Indonesia, ITS offers great and challenging career prospects to its graduates. Many of our graduates are occupying top position in businesses, as well as public organizations. Joining ITS means ensuring your head start in today’s competitive job market. (read more)

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Luc Johan Geradus Kauhl

Ocean Engineering Department

HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherland


The research internship I have done at ITS is one of the best things life. There are many opportunities to explore and improve yourself. With every step on the way, there was the great support of the international office whom helped with visa extensions and have a great buddy system with awesome people to help with anything else. If I had the chance I would definitely go again and I would advice anyone with the opportunity to go here as well.

Alicia Boullery
Information System Department
EISTI, France

I did my first internship in the ITS lab. My internship was about programming. It was a little difficult to choose a subject at first, because of my lack of knowledge. However, they give a subject with a language I know about. But, it was hard because this part of this language was unknown by internet. So I had a lot of meetings with my tutors and they really help me and they were here for any questions. To summarize, it was a great experience and I am happy I did it.

Asta Borg Sirich
Industrial Engineering Department
Southern of Denmark University, Denmark

Doing my stay at ITS I’ve been able to take courses in several different departments and therefore meet a wide diversity of students and teachers. The European VS Asian generic product development model is similar but conducted very different which gave me a new perspective on the methods, planning and QA in Indonesian culture. ITS offers several social activities and I would recommend going on the “Cultural Camp”, here you experience living with a local family and engaging in very different activities.

Jean-Baptiste Verstraete
Materials Engineering Department
INSA Rennes, France

I had the chance to be an exchange student at ITS Surabaya for my last semester of my Master and it was a really great way to end my studies. Even though Indonesia is extremely different from my home country. the international office staff and volunteers took good care of me. Making sure I would survive. The people at my department were also extremely nice and I felt welcome from the very first day there. The lecturers paid good attention to help me and I feel that studying with different methods will be truly beneficial to my future in R&D

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