OWEEK 2021: The Beginning of A New Tomorrow at ITS Surabaya

Sun, 21 Mar 2021
3:21 pm
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On 5 – 6 March 2021, international students who will undergo an internship or exchange program at ITS Surabaya get an introduction to the learning environment at ITS in the Orientation Week (OWEEK). OWEEK is an orientation activity carried out by ITS Global Engagement (ITS GE) at the beginning of each semester in order to welcome the arrival of ITS international students. In this activity, ITS international students will be given materials regarding the introduction of ITS, steps that must be taken before starting lecture activities, and how to carry out academic lecture activities online. This time OWEEK was held virtually through the Zoom Meeting due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. A total of 34 students from various countries ranging from Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, and Turkey participated in OWEEK. OWEEK that took place from 03.00 – 05.00 PM included Glimpse of ITS, Academic Regulation, ITS Information System, and others. There are several lecturers and staff who help provide this material. The lecturers and staff are Bambang Pramujati, S.T., M.Sc.Eng., Ph.D. (Vice-Rector IV), Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini, S.T., M.AppDesArt, Ph.D. (Senior Manager of ITS Global Engagement Office on Promotion & Mobility), Hadziq Fabroyir, S.Kom., Ph.D. (Head of Section for Information System Development), Nur Fadilla, A.Md, and Yusuf Adiyatmoko, S.Pd (Staff Hospitality for International Students). On the first day of the OWEEK, there was an introduction to the upcoming activities that are carried for international students and there is also a buddy Introduction session where international students met their respective buddy. There are 14 buddies who will assist international students in undergoing lectures or internships at ITS.

On the second day, in addition to materials about ITS, there is also a Virtual Surabaya City Tour using the 360-degree view. This virtual city tour drew a lot of attention and from OWEEK participants. In the virtual city tour, participants are invited to stroll around some iconic places in Surabaya. Some of the locations displayed include Tunjungan Street, Tugu Pahlawan, to the Jembatan Merah, and any other fampus landmarks in Surabaya. The participants participated in the city tour with great enthusiasm.

There is also another session which is the introduction of ITS International Student Family (IISF) carried by Peter, the IISF presidents. In this session, Peter introduces the organigram and the upcoming activities of IISF. IISF opens for new member which international students can also join the organization and participate in the whole activities that will be held in the near future. This time OWEEK was closed with testimonials from participants. The participants also gave testimonials related to the implementation of an exciting, interesting, and positive event. ITS Global Engagement hopes that the implementation of OWEEK can help international students to be ready for their new journey of carrying out online lectures at ITS.

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