Budcast Episode 6: Small Acts Matter! ft. SDG 12

Thu, 24 Sep 2020
11:58 pm
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After two weeks, Budcast is back again with a subtitled episode that is no less insightful and fun compared to the previous ones. In this episode, Budcast invites Alia, an exchange student from Malaysia, as well as Kira, her buddy from ITS Global Engagement volunteers. For those who enjoy grocery shopping, this episode is the one for you. According to SDG 12, responsible consumers are those who are highly aware of what they buy and its effects to the environment. We should realize that the tiniest actions, such as using a tote bag instead of a plastic bag, will leave an impact on the environment. These acts may change our planet for the better.

After a light but eye-opening discussion, Budcast continues with a game session, the Crossword Puzzle Game! Kira and Alia need to think very hard to the words related to being a responsible consumer and SDG 12 on the Crossword puzzle. This game session aims to increase our audiences’ knowledge, so make sure to watch it. Thanks to our guests and MC, this episode was full of excitement as well as an informative discussion. Budcast hopes that this episode can be a wake up call for us to be a more responsible consumers.

Curious about the final episode of Budcast? Check out our latest episode on ITS Global Engagement Youtube channel and Instagram TV. Watch it through the links below,

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