Research Collaboration can be a form of research collaboration with the same field of study to support the priority / superior fields of each university in accordance with the National Research Master Plan (RIRN) and the National and Regional Medium Term Development Plans (RPJMN / D). In this scheme, collaboration is realized in the form of collaboration of the research team, if the chairman/host of researchers comes from ITS, the members/members of the researcher must involve personnel from partner universities and vice versa, provided that the research team’s research track record is in line with the topic research done. In this scheme, it is possible to do funding sharing, use of laboratory/studio facilities, equipment, and other tools that support the successful implementation of research. Principal matters relating to this research collaboration will be published/stated in the cooperation agreement that will be made later.


The main objectives of this research collaboration program and scientific publications are:

  1. Increasing the role of ITS in providing guidance to researchers/lecturers in private universities in terms of indexed and reputable international scientific publications.
  2. Providing opportunities for lecturers/groups of researchers from private universities, which are relatively new to develop the ability to research them to be able to utilize facilities and expertise, and adopt/model good research culture from groups of ITS researchers/lecturers in carrying out quality research.
  3. Increasing networking / collaborative research in the field of Science and Technology with private universities in the East Java region with a partnership system to encourage the improvement of the quality and quantity of research and its disseminated contents, both in scientific publications and patents, technology products, policies (guidelines, regulation), models, and social engineering and provide high benefits for industries or community groups in need.



  1. Guideliness of Research Collaboration
  2. Proposal FormĀ of Research Collaboration