Praise and Gratitude Alhamdulillah for the blessings of Allah SWT, we pray along with the publication of this DRPM-ITS profile book. In line with the transformation of ITS into a Legal Entity State University (PTN BH), the role of the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) becomes very important. In collaboration with Division IV, DRPM lays the foundation for research at TKT level 1 – 6.

This downstream research will produce products that are not only useful, but also worthy of sale in order to increase ITS’s revenue generator as PTNBH. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful in choosing research topics that will later be able to reach the downstream stage. Another DRPM obligation is to increase the number of publications to support ITS as a World Class University. Ease of administration and incentives for researchers, laboratory development, and collaboration with postgraduates are the three pillars to achieve this.

This DRPM profile is intended to provide a global overview of the existing conditions, activities currently being carried out and achievements that have been obtained. We believe that there are still many shortcomings in this profile and for that we will gladly accept any input for improvement in the future.

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ITS DRPM Vision and Mission

Vision: An institution capable of crystallizing international standard science and technology research and services, especially in the marine, energy, and residential fields

Organizational structure

Another obligation of Research and Community Service Institutions is to increase the number of publications to support ITS as a World Class University


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