Vision and Mission


Crystallizing international standardized science and technology research and services, especially in the fields of maritime affairs, energy, and settlements to empower all resources and answer real problems in society.



  1. Developing science and technology research and service activities especially in the fields of marine, energy, settlement based on information technology and environmentally sound international standard according to the real needs of the community both nationally and internationally
  2. Crystallizing research activities and services to produce solutions and qualifiedproducts needed to answer the real problems faced by national and international communities
  3. Utilizing and optimally empowering all resources of research and services owned by ITS to improve ITS’s competitiveness at national and international levels
  4. Empowering the results of superior research and community service to improve national competitiveness in an effort to optimize the nation’s added value based on mastery and application of science and technology.

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About US

Center of Research and Community Service (LPPM) ITS is an academic implementing element that carries out some of the main tasks and functions of ITS

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure