1. Improving the ability of researchers and empowering ITS resources
  2. Cultivating a research and service climate, a professional society while still upholding academic and professional ethics
  3. Increasing the role and participation of ITS in research activities at national and international standards
  4. Increasing the role and participation of ITS in the dissemination, publication, acquisition of intellectual property rights, and the application of research results
  5. Increase the quantity and quality of research and public services at the level of science and technology
  6. Improving the promotion of ITS capabilities in science and technology services needed by the community
  7. Improving continuing education services in the field of science and technology
  8. Helping the process of downstreaming ITS research
  9. Produce strategic plans for research and community empowerment.
  1. Prepare Strategic Plans, Operational Plans, Annual Plans and Budget Plans for Institutional Income and Expenditures related to Research and Community Services as an elaboration of the ITS Strategic Plan
  2. Develop and implement performance improvement programs in the field of research and community service in a sustainable manner based on economic principles and accountability
  3. Develop and implement a system of quality assurance and control of research and public services
  4. Coordinate, integrate and control the quality of all research activities and community services from the study center
  5. Improving external relations in order to meet the needs of DRPM resources


DRPM ITS has 10 Research Centers, 5 Study Centers, 4 PUI, Scientific Publication Centers and Energy and Environmental Laboratories

Research Center
  1. Center for Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics
  2. Center for Sustainable Energy
  3. Research Center for Advanced Materials and Nano Technology
  4. Research Center for Internet of Things and Defense Technology
  5. Research Center for Agri-food and Biotechnology
  6. Center for Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change
  7. Research Center for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
  8. Research Center for Fundamental Science
  9. Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Health Technology
  10. Center for Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment
Study Center
  1. Halal Study Center
  2. Center for the Study of Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Center for Business and Industrial Public Policy Studies
  4. Appropriate Technology Study Center
  5. Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment
  1. PUI Automatic Control System
  2. PUI Safety and Ship
  3. PUI Mechatronics and Industrial Automation
  4. PUI Design
  1. Energy and Environment Laboratory
Other Centers
  1. Scientific Publication Center

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ITS DRPM Vision and Mission

Vision: An institution capable of crystallizing international standard science and technology research and services, especially in the marine, energy, and residential fields

Organizational structure

Another obligation of Research and Community Service Institutions is to increase the number of publications to support ITS as a World Class University


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