Job Training and Internship

Visual Communication Design Study Program students have the opportunity to do internship while they are students. This internship is important to get knowledge other than in the classroom. This internship is closely related to job prospects later after students graduate. Career prospects for graduates of Visual Communication Design Study Program are no doubt. Because it is ascertain according to current developments. Therefore, this Visual Communication Design graduate has sufficient job prospects. They can pursue careers as entrepreneurs or freelancers including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, web designers and so on or in the field of design consulting firms, advertising agencies, and product houses.

The following is a list of companies both state-owned and private that can accept internship:

  • CV Abankirenk Kreatif
  • PT. Buana Inspirasi Garuda
  • PT. Kreasi Mata Ketiga
  • Mechanimotion Entertainment
  • Satu Basa Comm.
  • Soedja
  • PT. Cakra Manggilingan Anjaya
  • JCK Enterprise
  • Blackhand Design
  • IWEC (Indonesia Writing Edu Center)
  • PT. Visindo Graphics ID (Visious Studio)
  • Publicis Indonesia
  • PT. Fortune Agency Indonesia Tbk
  • UPTI Mamin dan Kemasan , Disperindag Jatim
  • PT Hompimpa Animation Studio
  • PT. Orela Shipyard
  • Literoom Design
  • Media Kreasi Grafika (Retinaworks)
  • Indonesia writing education center
  • Visual Cast Designology
  • UP Hubungan Masyarakat ITS
  • Start Friday Branding Consultant
  • PT. Thinking Room Indonesia
  • PT Jawa Pos Group (ZETIZEN)