Vission and Mission


Become a world-class study program, contribute to the independence of the nation, become a reference for education, research and community service in visual communication design science in facing industry in the future.


  • Organizing an international-oriented creativity and technology-based Visual Communication Design education;
  • Produce graduates who are design minded and able to face the problems and challenges of the design industry in the future;
  • Take an active role in the scientific development of visual communication design through national and international research activities;
  • Actively participate in solving problems faced by society, industry, central and local government in facing challenges development of business, media and technology through research activities and community service.


Values that are hoped to be inculcated by Visual Communication Design are by the following:

  1. Ethics and Integrity; whether in social, governmental, or professional situation, resolute in abiding cultural, governmental, and religiously inclined rules and norm
  2. Creativity and Innovation; always looking out for new ideas in creating innovation and carrying responsibility at hands
  3. Excellence; Achieving the best result by giving the maximum effort
  4. Strong Leadership; being visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking and dare to make changes in a better direction, and being responsible.
  5. Synergy; working together to make the most of the potential given
  6. Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility; maintaining harmony and care for the surrounding communities.


The targets to be achieved by the Visual Communication Design Department, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology are:

  1. Academic field
    • Producing competitive graduates
    • Organizing programs that are able to drive towards an international reputation
  1. Research field
    • Produce research that impacts on revenue generation, encouraging research whose products are worth selling
    • Produce paper that can increase h-index
  1. Field of service
    • Applying science and technology to improve the economy
  1. Field of infrastructure
    • Applying science and technology to improve the economy
  1. Field of human resource
    • Competent human resources available for tri dharma
  1. Field of Organization and Management
    • Availability of Organization and Work Procedures and comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure
    • Implementation of a quality management system at the Department level

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