Visual Communication Design Laboratories

The total lecture room owned by VCD is 560.03 square meters consisting of 2 laboratories, 3 regular studio classes and 1 large studio class, the lecturers’ room for academic mentoring is 69.89 square meters, the administration room is adjacent to the lecturer room in 1 building. Each class provides LCD projectors, desk chair furniture for lectures that can accommodate up to 30 students per class, as well as laboratories owned by the Study Program also have complete learning facilities such as computers with appropriate specifications to support learning 2D animation, 3D animation and digital illustrations, photographic equipment in photographic laboratories and chair table furniture and other equipment to hold discussions or meetings at the design management research laboratory.

The library is 70.80 square meters and is in 1 building with lecture halls, administration and lecturer halls. Reading rooms can accommodate 20 students and provide books or readings relevant to the field of Visual Communication Design and save scientific writing documents or student final project.

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