Profile Shafira Hertiningtyas

Profile Shafira Hertiningtyas, S.E.

Staff Name Shafira Hertiningtyas, S.E.
Function Mail Administration
  1. Drafting and submitting official letters within the scope of the Work Unit
  2. Serving the making of a letter of introduction from the Work Unit for the
  3. purposes of implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education
  4. Coordinating with Caraka Faculties/Institutes for sending letters/documents/goods
  5. Prepare Decision Letters (SK) for activities within the scope of the Work Unit
  6. Entering employees listed in the Activity Decree (SK) into the Employment SIM (SK Online)
  7. Operate e-offices within the scope of the Work Unit
  8. Digitizing documents/letters in the work unit
  9. Assist in the preparation of SPJ documents in work units
  10. Prepare the consumption of activities in the work unit
  11. Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside of the main tasks or help other co-workers
  12. Participate in routine coordination meetings in work units