Organizational structure

Organizational Structure

In carrying out its operational activities the ITS-Industrial Design has formed an organizational structure that is compatible with the ITS organizational structure. In the implementation of the ITS-Industrial Design Bachelor (S1) program, the Department Head is assisted by the Department Secretary, Head and Secretary of the undergraduate (S1) program, the head of the laboratory responsible for Operational Leadership in the Laboratory and the Head of administration sub division (Head of TU) who assists in Financial Resources. In conducting academic activities, the Head of the Bachelor Program (S1) coordinates with the head of the RMK (Cluster Course Head) in formulating and evaluating the curriculum.

Our People

Dean Imam Baihaqi, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D
Vice Dean Ellya Zulaikha, S.T., M.Sn., Ph.D
Head of Program Study Bambang Tristiyono, ST., M.SI.
Secretary of Program Study Andhika Estiyono, ST., MT.
Head of Strategic Design and Management Lab Arie Kurniawan, S.T., M.Ds.
Head of Protomodel Lab Ari Dwi Krisbianto, S.T., M.Ds.
Head of Human Centered Design Lab Hertina Susandari, S.T., M.T.
Head of Integrated Digital Design Lab MY Alief Samboro, S.T., M.Ds.
Head of Administration Sub-Division Artin Finalita, S.T., M.MT.