Creative Industry (CI) is an industry based on exploring ideas to generate intellectual property. The growth of the creative industry is influenced by the policies of the creative economy sector in a country. “Creative Economy” is a concept in a new era that relies on intensive information, ideas and creativity as the main factors of production in the world economy. The movement of the world economy has shifted rapidly from previously having a high dependence on natural products, to now being more dependent on human knowledge capacity.

Digital creative means the latest creations and breakthroughs created by involving the potential of digital technology in the form of software, hardware, applications and media platforms. Today’s digital platforms have been transformed into tools in this disruptive innovation movement. Economic development in developing countries is not always the same as economic development in developed countries. In developed countries, economic development generally starts from the agricultural economy era, then the industrial era, then the information economy era, and then the creative economy. As for developing countries, the four economic modes do not run sequentially, but run simultaneously/ parallel. The current digital era allows for acceleration and development in various countries with equal opportunities.
This phenomenon shows that a synergistic approach is needed to encourage creative economic growth, especially on digital platforms. The complexity faced by the creative industries in each country is greatly influenced by the differences in their respective contexts creative industries in country is greatly influenced by the differences in their respective contexts. This difference in context is an important issue to be discussed by both creative industry players and academic institutions in developing and developed countries. Knowledge of these different contexts can influence policies and strategies to build a creative industry in a country, especially in today’s fast-paced digital era. The International Conference of Creative Industry (ICCI) provides an opportunity for all parties involved in the creative industry and digital business to discuss and exchange ideas in order to develop synergies with each other in the development of science. “Digital Creative Synergy’.