The Architecture Department provides various information needed by students and prospective students in the academic field. Explore various information to plan academic activities here.

Academic regulations are established as a guide for students during their study in ITS. Academic regulations contain educational programs, admissions, matriculation, curriculum, learning evaluation, academic activities, non-academic activities, study leave, academic cooperation, foreign students and manners in ITS.

Find the complete guide here

Academic Calendar as a guideline for implementing academic activities in ITS.

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Information on the curriculum for the undergraduate program 2018-2023 can be seen here

Find the guidelines and regulations of taking internship for ITS Architecture students here.

Find the guidelines and regulations of ITS student final project in 2018 – 2023 here here.

To get their Degree, students have the requirements to complete the judicial process. Find the guidelines and required documents here.

This Postgraduate Quality Standard Handbook was created in order to provide a reference to all parties involved in educational processes of ITS Postgraduate Study Program, so that the quality of the ITS Postgraduate Degree is great as expected. Download the Postgraduate Quality Standard here.

The Thesis Preparation Guidebook for ITS Master Program was compiled as an improvement to the guidebook compiled in 2014, as well as in order to provide a reference for all ITS Postgraduate students and supervisors to obtain thesis results in a decided format. The Guidebook for Thesis Preparation can be downloaded here.

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