Tracer Study

Tracer Study

Tracer study is an important part of efforts to improve the quality of education and graduates of the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering, Vocational Faculty Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (DTMI-FV-ITS). Collaboration of all stake holders, students, education staff, lecturers, alumni and alumni user institutions is a vital part of efforts to improve the quality of DTMI graduates. Tracer Study is an effort to obtain data from these stakeholders to be used as material for DTMI policy studies and various programs that support the achievement of superior DTMI graduates.

The confidentiality and security of the tracer study data will be guaranteed by DTMI FV ITS. This data will be very helpful in the process of accreditation, curriculum development, and strengthening networks in the DTMI FV ITS alumni family. It is expected that the better data in this tracer study will greatly help DTMI specifically as well as alumni, ITS and other stake holders in general.

To help DTMI’s efforts in the process of repairing this tracer study, please fill in / answer several questions in the questionnaire in the following link:

click here for tracer study link

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