DTI-ITS Students Concept a Sales Jack Strategy

Fri, 17 Apr 2020
11:38 am
Student Achievement
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ITS Campus, ITS News – Against a desire to help increase a company’s income, three students from the Department of Industrial Engineering Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya succeeded in designing a marketing concept for an ice cream product owned by a national company in Surabaya. The three students, namely Muhammad Afif Purwandi, Risang Arkaan Jauza, and Rafli Dwi Priyono.

The strategy built by this team is called supreme market development, namely increasing company revenue by developing a form of marketing. From this strategy, the team was able to increase the revenue of the ice cream company to Rp 294 billion per year through several calculations carried out in its simulations based on references to the company’s financial data.

“We use calculations by analyzing environmental conditions (surveys), SWOT analysis, and TOWS matrix analysis,” explained Afif, the fourth semester student. The SWOT analysis used by the team is useful for identifying external opportunities and threats as well as the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses. While the TOWS matrix analysis, according to Rafli, is useful to identify the company’s external factors in detail, then move on to internal factors. “This analysis results are better, because in expanding marketing must pay attention to external factors first, such as how to promote competitors, people’s purchasing power, and lifestyle,” Rafli explained further. From these calculations, the team found a solution to collaborate with the government, the national aviation industry, and the hotel industry. The three agents are considered by the team to be very appropriate to make the ice cream company revenue flow stable every year. “The three agents usually often hold big events, in a big event they will definitely need a large food supply,” continued Rafli again. The team considers that this is a good opportunity for this ice cream company to supply or supply the sale of ice cream production.

In addition, the idea that was donated again was to expand the production area by building more ice cream companies in several areas. This is because the costs of transportation and transportation in the distribution of ice cream to consumers or customers must also be taken into account. The area expansion factor was also considered by the team to result in the competitiveness of other ice cream competitors. Thanks to this amazing idea or solution, the team from ITS has been able to win first place in the business management competition at Petra Christian University (UK), Surabaya, last May. (rio / ITS Public Relations)


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