Department Library

Department Library

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department has a special library of the Department which is better known as the Industrial Engineering Reading Room (RBTI) which is located in the 3rd floor of the Industri Industri building since September 2016 with an area of ​​90m2 which is temporary because it will be located on the 3rd floor with an area of ​​120m2 . The number of updated collections in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Reading Room can accommodate more than 1875 titles and 2770 copies of textbooks; 44 international journal titles and 10 accredited national titles; 1086 titles of final project reports; 337 thesis titles; 6 dissertation titles; 1162 titles of practical work reports; 21 magazine titles; 45 titles of proceedings; reference book, and CD-ROM. RBTI annually updates its collection so that the percentage of the latest library material (the last 1-2 years) which is owned is quite large, namely 25%, while 36% of the library material owned is published in the last 3-5 years.

The Industrial Engineering Reading Room has used a library automation system which has facilities equipped with OPAC for visitors, circulation systems, and websites that can be accessed outside ITS with the address and wifi so that visitors feel at home and comfortable for independent study and discussion in the ITS FTIRS Industrial Engineering Reading Room.


  1. Adequate facilities and infrastructure
  2. Complete and up-to-date library collection
  3. Comfortable and adequate service system
  4. Complete, fast and accurate information system
  5. Effective collaboration with other appropriate institutions

Become the best library service provider for users


  • Collect all information related to the Industrial and Systems Engineering curriculum – ITS
  • Organizing information becomes more accessible to users
  • Provides a conducive place for independent learning


Monday – Thursday: 08.00 WIB – 15.30 WIB
Friday: 08.00 WIB – 11.00 WIB, 13.00 WIB – 15.30 WIB
Saturday, Sunday and red holiday dates



Borrowing services, returns, renewals, and ordering book collections in the Reading Room for ITS Industrial Engineering Department Students with the conditions of borrowing limit of 2 books with a duration of borrowing 3 working days (for regular students), or 4 working days (for students .S-2 or S-3).



A thesis (final project) is available for ITS Industrial and Systems Engineering Undergraduate students, as well as a thesis of post-graduate Industrial and Systems Engineering ITS students. For this type of collection, you can only read it on the spot and you can’t copy it.

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