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Number of Research and Publications Over the past 3 Years

Until now the Department of System and Industrial Engineering ITS (DTSI-ITS) has provided adequate educational facilities related to the instructor, facilities inside the building, and relations offered. There are 37 instructors with details (7 professors, 15 doctorates (S3) and 15 masters (S2)). And in studying, students can utilize 5 laboratory rooms according to their subject areas. DTSI-ITS permanent lecturer research is widely published at the national and international levels. The large number of research publications funded by the National Education / Research and Technology Grant, ITS local funds, international cooperation funds, and independent funds shows the productivity of DTSI-ITS lecturers which is increasing in terms of quantity and quality. Research conducted by DTSI-ITS lecturers has led to collaboration between DTSI-ITS lecturers (in one RMK and between RMK) and between DTSI-ITS lecturers with non DTSI-ITS lecturers, and with researchers from abroad. Students also play a role in research conducted by DTSI-ITS lecturers. This can be seen from the involvement of students in various research grants achieved by DTSI-ITS lecturers and the many scientific publications of DTSI-ITS lecturers involving students. During the last 3 years, namely the 2013-2015 period, there were 236 publications, namely the lecturer of IT-IT has produced 121 international-level scientific publications (76 international conferences and 45 international journals), 115 national-level scientific publications (105 national conferences, 7 national journals, and 3 books).

Number of Research Title of DTSI Study Program Lecturers Over the Last 3 Years

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DTSI Lecturer Publications Over the Past 3 Years

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