Class Room And Other Facilities

Class Room And Other Facilities


There are 13 main classrooms each equipped with computers, LCDs, projectors, white boards, Wifi and air conditioners to support teaching and learning activities.

Multimedia Laboratory

Is a support classroom, intended for classes that require the use of software. Equipped with 40 units of computers, LCDs, projectors, white boards, internet-intranet connection and air conditioners.

Sinarmas Auditorium

It is a donation from Sinarmas corporation which have MoU’s with ITS. Located on the 2nd floor with an area of 201 m2 which is used for large lectures, guest lectures, and other large meetings.

The room with a capacity of 200 people is also equipped with a VIP living room, sound system, digital signage to support various activities

Green Environment

Surrounding with green gardens make the learning atmosphere more comfortable and gazebo facilities can be used by students to study, discuss or just unwind after college. This facility is supported by the presence of free internet hotspots.

Multifunction/Sport Area
This field can be used for futsal, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball. Aside from being a field sports facility, it can also be used for various purposes that require a large place, such as for New Student Orientation activities.

Free Internet Hotspot

Free 24 hour internet access for the ITS community as a support for student learning activities.

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