DTI-ITS Students Third Mawapres 2019 Undergraduate Program

Mon, 05 Aug 2019
7:54 am

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Muhammad Afif Purwandi won the third best predicate in the 2019 National Achievement Student Selection Bachelor program

The Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) has again made a proud record in the prestigious National Achievement Student Selection (Pilmapres) Bachelor and Diploma program at the national level in 2019. At the event the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa) Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (2019). Kemenristekdikti), ITS student named Muhammad Afif Purwandi won the third best title at Bachelor level.

In this event, there were 30 finalists who participated in the final stage of the 2019 National Pilmapres. They came from various Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia consisting of 15 Bachelor program students and 15 Diploma program students. Muhammad Afif Purwandi successfully set aside the other finalists after going through various aspects of the assessment used by the judges.

At this final stage, there are three main aspects of assessment used in selecting finalists. Namely the assessment of featured works, written works, and English language skills. For the featured works, the finalists are selected based on a collection of a maximum of 10 achievements, awards, and leadership that have been achieved before.

For the evaluation aspects of the featured works, the student who is often called Afif relies on his achievements at the Asia Pacific MUN Conference (AMUNC). “AMUNC is the toughest competition and gives a deep impression of being able to give the Honorable Mention title to ITS,” said the student from the Department of Industrial Engineering.

While the second evaluation aspect is the writing that was initiated by each finalist. This aspect contains the assessment of papers and presentations of scientific papers. This year, scientific works were initiated with the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The focus is raised on the use of technology and the development of innovation results that can have a positive impact on a broad scope.

The last aspect is related to ability in active English. Here, Afif’s ability is tested by conducting impromptu speech delivered for seven minutes. He got a topic about the development of renewable energy in Indonesia, specifically related to the use of wind, geothermal and solar energy as its source. “We are also assessed personally by psychologists, especially in daily activities and the interview process,” added this 2016 class of students.

In the results of the assessment, Afif was declared to be classified as an individual who was able to harmonize all categories of assessment well, and this was what made Afif finally able to explore the Pilmapres podium this year. For him, all finalists have very good profiles. There is no significant difference between one finalist and another, because indeed all finalists are the best representatives who have been selected from each university.


The 2019 National Achievement Student Selection finalists took a group photo after going through a rigorous selection until the final stage

Going forward, Afif will focus on increasing self-capability in professional experience and developing networks. Some personal development activities such as Young Leaders for Indonesia by McKinsey & Company are strategic steps that he will follow. In addition, Afif also intends to share experiences and achievements that he can through positive activities such as seminars, workshops, and others.

Not to forget, Afif also expressed his gratitude to the ITS academic community, especially to the supervisor lecturer and all parties who helped in this Pilmapres process. “I don’t think this is just an individual award for me personally, because there are indeed many parties who help to smooth the whole process,” he said.

At the end, Afif advised to always balance the ability of intraculicular, cocuricular and extracurricular. Achieve a good title for the academic and non-academic achievements. Because, according to him, if they can excel in these three fields, qualified and balanced soft skills and hard skills can be achieved. “Hopefully this award will be able to bring ITS good name and print the next generation of diamonds,” he concluded hopefully. (lut/HUMAS ITS)


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