DTSI Student Activities in Helping the Industry Reduce Waste

Mon, 29 Jun 2020
2:57 pm

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Increasing the amount of waste that can damage the environment, making waste export activities carried out a lot with the reason to divert garbage to other countries.
Against this background, three students from the Department of Engineering and Industrial Systems (DTSI) of the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS), developed an innovation platform called Use It.
This innovation by Alif Wahyu Rodiansyah, Ifarrel Rachmanda Hariyanto, and Muhammad Ainul Yaqin aims to facilitate the industry in treating waste.
Alif as the team leader said, in the Use It platform there were features of the sale and purchase of waste as well as features of consultation and waste treatment.
Regarding the sale and purchase of waste, Alif explained if the feature is used for all types of waste in general such as organic and inorganic waste. As for hazardous and toxic waste (B3) on this platform, it cannot be traded.
“There are rules that forbid, so on the platform we also follow the rules,” Alif explained, Tuesday (6/16).

The Us It Platform is a work of ITS students.

He said, for B3 waste there were special features that were made namely consultation and treatment for companies that could not process their own waste. “Later we will connect with companies that can process the waste,” said the student from Surabaya.
Regarding the advantages of the platform that was made, Alif revealed that Use It did not exist before. In addition, if you want to buy and sell waste, you can only use Facebook social media (Facebook), but there is no third party to facilitate it.
Whereas Use It has facilitated the public to be more secure, easy, and reliable when making transactions. “It’s as easy as we open platforms like Tokopedia and others,” he explained.
The platform that targets waste collectors and companies in its construction faces various obstacles. Among them, Alif and the team had difficulty in making applications and designs, when collecting data because they needed a surveyor.
In the future, he hopes this platform can be developed and used by the wider community. So that the scattered waste is not wasted and damages the environment.
“Hopefully in the future, the government can also realize it directly and also offer to use Use It. So that later it can have a good impact on the environment, not only in Indonesia but also the world,” he concluded.


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