Home Affairs


    The Ministry of Home Affairs is a department that facilitates the internal activities of the association regarding the harmonization of membership, in this case also related to strategic studies and to establish communication between functionaries, between citizens, between functionaries and citizens, and between citizens and the bureaucracy.


    The realization of HIMAGE-ITS harmonization and fostering a responsive, insightful, and beneficial attitude for its members.


    1. Providing a gathering place for HIMAGE members to strengthen HIMAGE-ITS internals
    2. Cultivate a critical attitude and like to discuss various issues and problems that are currently developing
    3. Provides information about internal HIMAGE-ITS and about KM ITS
    4. Improve the performance of the association from an internal perspective and improve communication between functionaries, citizens and the bureaucracy


    Internalization of HIMAGE-ITS

    Activities that accommodate HIMAGE-ITS members to interact with each other in order to bond HIMAGE-ITS members


    The graduation ceremony is an event held to give appreciation to graduates who have completed their studies at ITS Geomatics Engineering.

    Fun Day

    Activities that aim to invite HIMAGE-ITS Members to love the ITS Geomatics Engineering Department by keeping clean and enlivening the surrounding environment.

    Dresscode Day

    One of the movements of HIMAGE-ITS Members is to use one dresscode that has been determined on certain days in one management.

    Castrat School

    It is an activity in order to prepare competent HIMAGE-ITS HR in terms of making AD-ART and strategic studies.


    An activity in the form of agitation to carry out propaganda according to their needs.


    Activities that raise and examine actual issues concerning.

    Discussion & Watch Together

    Watching and discussing activities together on professional topics related to Geomatics.
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